Angus Donaldson

Angus Donaldson headshot

Basha High School 

Supervising Practitioner: Ms. Sharon Metzger


Why I Teach Agriculture

It is truly rewarding and exciting to help others learn something new and is even more exciting when you can explore the topic with them and learn together. This is the reason that I cannot wait to become a teacher. I am thrilled to soon have the rewarding privilege of sharing knowledge with my students every day and expanding their educational and professional horizons. Specifically, I want to be an Agricultural Education teacher because I believe that Ag Education offers students many opportunities that are not available in other educational programs. Ag Education opens students up to the promising field of agriculture that many of them would never have come in contact with. This not only helps students become more informed citizens and consumers, but also connects them with many new career paths. Agricultural Education and other CTE programs directly help students prepare for jobs and set them up for a better future. Thanks to the training I received through my Agricultural Education courses I have been better prepared for my university coursework and have also had the skills necessary to obtain and excel at every job I have had. Just like my Ag Education teachers did for me, I want to set all my students up for success later in life, then have the privilege of watching achieve that success in whatever they commit themselves to.