AED: Teacher Certification

Agricultural Education Teacher Certification Option

The Agricultural Education Teaching option prepares students to become high school teachers and FFA advisors in Arizona and surrounding states. Students will complete a course of study that encompasses multiple technical agriculture content areas as well as participating in teacher preparation courses. The experience concludes with a 14-week student teaching internship experience at a cooperating center within Arizona. 

Agricultural educators in Arizona have made a video, which you as a future Agricultural Education teacher should view, here it is. 

Students within the teaching option will complete coursework in plant science, soil science, animal science, agricultural mechanics, and agricultural resource economics content areas. Knowledge and experience in multiple content areas provide the student with a foundation that is designed to enable them to teach the information and skills necessary for multiple agricultural industry areas. Teacher preparation courses are designed to prepare the student to teach in the high school classroom and meet all of the certification requirements for the state of Arizona as well as requirements for many other states.

Internships and Field Experiences
Students will complete their professional preparation program with a 14-week student teaching experience during the spring semester of their senior year. The experience serves as a cumulative assessment designed to be a formal evaluation of their individual readiness to teach agricultural education at the secondary level. 

Selected Course Requirements
AED 195a Freshman Colloquium, Introduction to Agricultural Education
AGTM 100 Principles and Practices in Agricultural Mechanics
AED 301 Youth Leadership Development
AGTM 330 Turf and Landscape Maintenance
          or AGTM 351 Operations in Agricultural Mechanization
AGTM 350 Applications in Agricultural Mechanics
AED 405a Principles of Career and Technical Education
AED 438 The Teaching of Secondary School Agricultural Science
AED 460 Instructional Materials Development
AED 462 Curriculum Development
AED 493a Internship, Pre-Student Teaching (25 hours of field experience)
AED 493b Internship, Student Teaching (140 hours of field experience)
AED 498a Senior Capstone, Pre-Student Teaching (25 hours of field experience)
AED 498b Senior Capstone, Student Teaching (480 hours of field experience)
LRC 416 Introduction to Student Teaching
LRC 417 Structured English Immersion Methods
        or AED 497f Structured English Immersion Teaching Methodology (52 hours of field experience)

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Program of Study

Agricultural Technology Management and Education Major Secondary Teacher Certification (ATMED) Option