How to Donate

To make a donation to the Department of Agricultural Education, please contact Dr. Robert Torres. He will discuss the available options for donation with you. He can be reached at or at (520) 621-7173.

A review of possible gifting options is found on the UA Foundation website. Clicking on the link below will take you to the University of Arizona Foundation where you can see a more in-depth description of each of the ways to give shown here.

Gifts can be given in a variety of ways: 

1) Annually – these are usually unrestricted gifts, given for use by the university as they see fit and these gifts may sometimes be matched by employers,

2) Endowments – provided as a long-term support, you decide where the funds are used,

3) Scholarships – you can establish a departmental or university scholarship, deciding the terms of its award and administration,

4) Securities – the university accepts stocks, bonds, and mutual fund donations, these provide special tax advantages,

5) Real Estate – homes, land, and commercial property are often gifted or bequeathed to the University of Arizona,

6) Gifts-In-Kind – these are gifts of tangible personal property like computers, livestock, automobiles, furnishings, or machinery. These gifts are often eligible for deductions equal to the fair market value of the item.

The University of Arizona Foundation.

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