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Morgan Berrigan

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Why teach agriculture?

As an educator, my main goal is to spark a passion for learning inside every single one of my students. This passion is one that is not restricted to my classroom, but one I wish to extend to other classes, higher education courses, and everyday life. As an Agriculture teacher, I have the benefit of instructing an engaging and tactile course compared to the lecture style instruction of most core classes. I have the opportunity to reinforce concepts learned in those core classes through hands-on application in a way that builds confidence and understanding. By providing a learning experience that caters to the dynamic needs of the adolescent mind, my hope is that all of my students will discover the joy of learning and develop a passion for their own education. Once that self-realized passion has been recognized by a student, a whole cascade of personal development is bound to occur. Another added benefit of teaching agriculture is the opportunity to teach a student over the entire course of their high school experience. Being able to observe, encourage, and influence the personal growth of students over the course of four years could be nothing short of fulfilling. And after these four years, agriculture teachers are often able to see how their students are applying themselves beyond high school with the confidence, knowledge, and preparation they developed in their program.

Angus Donaldson

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Why teach agriculture? 

It is truly rewarding and exciting to help others learn something new and is even more exciting when you can explore the topic with them and learn together. This is the reason that I cannot wait to become a teacher. I am thrilled to soon have the rewarding privilege of sharing knowledge with my students every day and expanding their educational and professional horizons. Specifically, I want to be an Agricultural Education teacher because I believe that Ag Education offers students many opportunities that are not available in other educational programs. Ag Education opens students up to the promising field of agriculture that many of them would never have come in contact with. This not only helps students become more informed citizens and consumers, but also connects them with many new career paths. Agricultural Education and other CTE programs directly help students prepare for jobs and set them up for a better future. Thanks to the training I received through my Agricultural Education courses I have been better prepared for my university coursework and have also had the skills necessary to obtain and excel at every job I have had. Just like my Ag Education teachers did for me, I want to set all my students up for success later in life, then have the privilege of watching achieve that success in whatever they commit themselves to.

Kori Dorsey

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Why teach agriculture? 

Growing up I have always had an interest in becoming a teacher. It was not until high school that I realized I wanted to teach agriculture. In high school, I fell in love with the endless opportunities my agriculture classes provided me with. Growing up in the suburbs of Gilbert, I never imagined that I would have been able to raise livestock and work in a greenhouse. Along with those opportunities, I enjoyed how agriculture classes applied what I was learning in my other classes. I am the type of person that learns best with doing opposed to reading and hearing about concepts, and I hope to make a positive impact on others who learn the same way. I feel that my role as a teacher will allow me to bring opportunities such as raising livestock or working hands-on with plants so students who otherwise would not have the opportunity can now experience it. I feel I will be able to use my experiences and knowledge to help them learn and develop skills that will benefit them in the future. I believe one of the main roles of agriculture education is to help students gain valuable career ready skills. I want to be able to mentor students, be a role model and motivate them to do the best they can in school and allow them to get the most out of their experiences. I want to see students become successful and reach their full potential.

Rayna Fite

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Why teach agriculture?

I would like to be an agricultural teacher because I believe in the future of agriculture. I believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn how agriculture works and where their food comes from. I want them to gain leadership skills and be a well-rounded citizen working in any profession they choose. Agriculture is surrounding every little thing we do and I want to be a part of it. Times will continue to change but no matter what there will always be fields to plant, animals to feed, jobs to acquire, and people to meet; and I want to help others achieve their goals.

Victoria Rackley

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Why teach agriculture?

My ultimate goal is to change the lives of people and I've chosen to do that through agriculture education. It takes one person to be a light in someone’s life. It takes one person to be a helping hand. It takes one person to change an unmotivated, broken life, and make it brand new. Teachers are those people. We motivate students to do their best, we guide students to success when no one else will, and we are always available to listen. One teacher can change the lives of thousands of students. That is my motivation. But agriculture is my passion. Just like students, it is a subject that will never stop teaching you and it's practical information that students can take with them on any journey they embark on. I know that after college, I will be a teacher, a guide, and a friend to so many students. I want be that person a student needs, but also spread knowledge of agriculture to everyone who sits in my classroom. It just takes one person and I'm ready for it!

Alexandra Schoeffling

Alexandra Schoeffling

Why teach agriculture? 

As a school based agricultural education teacher, I am able to educate students on the subjects that are the backbone of humanity. Always exciting, and forever learning, this career path is stimulating in many ways. It provides the opportunity to impact lives from all walks of life, within an inviting community and environment.

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