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  • Submitted application
  • Official high school transcripts (and/or college transcripts, if applicable)
  • Application processing fee
  • Test scores (ACT or SAT) are required for freshmen merit based scholarships or The Honors College consideration.
  • Admissions will complete a review before test scores are submitted, so please don't wait to apply!

Agricultural Technology Management and Education (AGTE) Major

Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) Major

Agricultural Systems Management - Yuma Based (ASM)

The Agricultural Systems Management option is a unique academic major designed to meet the educational needs of a specialized agricultural economy in Yuma County.

Undergraduate Program Options

The Department of Agricultural Education offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Technology Management and Education with an option in the following areas:

Agricultural Education (ATMED - Teacher Certification)

The programs of study in agricultural education prepare students for entering careers in teaching agricultural education in 9th-12th grade classrooms. These positions require preparation in basic sciences, technical agriculture, knowledge of the principles and techniques of the teaching-learning process, communication skills and the ability to work with people.

Agricultural Leadership and Communication (AGL&C)

The Leadership and Communication option prepares students to become effective leaders, ambassadors, and/or advocates for the agriculture industry at local, state, national, and international levels.

Agricultural Technology Management (AGT)

This option offers training in agricultural technology, environmental protection, communication, business, and economics. The six focus areas include: Controlled Environment Agriculture, Field Crop Production and Management, Information Systems, Ornamental Landscaping/Horticulture Management, Turf Grass Management, and Animal Agriculture.


8 Units in the following course options

  • AED 195A

  • AED 210

  • AED 295B

  • AED 295C

  • AED 301

  • AED 408

  • AGTM 100

  • AGTM 330

  • AGTM 351

  •  ALC 309

  • ALC 410


Breanna Watkins, Academic Advisor for all students with majors or minors in Agricultural Technology Management & Education.

Email: brej12@email.arizona.edu  |  Office: Saguaro Hall, room 206

Email to schedule an appointment.

Agricultural Tech Management and Education Minor

The Agricultural Tech Management and Education (AGTE) Minor is designed to engage students in leadership, communication, and educational strategies. These strategies will prepare young professionals for a successful career experience. 


  • Coursework:
    • AED 437
    • ALC 409
    • ALC 411
    • ALC 422 
  • A minimum of 18 units are required in the minor.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in the minor coursework.
  • A minimum of 3 units in the minor must be taken at the University of Arizona.
  • A minimum of 9 upper division units are required in the minor.

Students interested in declaring a minor in AGTE must meet with an academic advisor in the Agricultural Education Department.

Certificate in Agricultural Leadership and Innovation 

The Undergraduate Certificate in Agricultural Leadership and Innovation offers students interested in pursuing any profession within agriculture and the life sciences, as well as those generally interested in serving as agents of change, an opportunity to develop and enhance leadership skills that include, but are not limited to, the ability to develop and lead innovative programs and initiatives within agriculture and the life science industry, community organizations, and government agencies, facilitate team development, and engage in a range of entrepreneurial strategies aimed at the diffusion of innovation and the creation of meaningful change.

Complete 4 Courses from the following List:
ALC309 - Leadership Principles and Practices (Molina, Spring/Summer)
This course introduces learners to a broad range of readings addressing practical and theoretical leadership principles. Participants will be expected to critically examine readings and associated videos/movies. Participants will have the opportunity to apply principles from the course in a field project where particular option will be placed on enhancement of self-awareness and leadership capabilities through the documented development and assessment of the field project.

ALC409 - Team and Organizational Leadership (Torres, Spring)
Principles and practices in planning, developing, conducting, and evaluating leadership programs for agricultural groups. The intended audience is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) students. The course focuses on helping students better understand themselves and others; improving group communication; becoming effective leaders and members of groups; improving leadership and personal development skills; assessing leadership situations, determining and administering appropriate leadership strategies, and evaluating results.

ALC410 - Entrepreneurial Leadership in Ag and the Life Sciences (Mars, Fall)
This course is an exploration of the principles and practices of entrepreneurial leadership, and the application of such principles and practices within agricultural and rural communities, the cooperative Extension system, educational organizations and systems, agricultural agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, and agricultural enterprises and life sciences industries. Option is placed on the knowledge and skills required to effectively lead change within and across organizations, communities, and settings that intersect the agricultural and life sciences fields.

ALC411 - Principles and Applications of Organizational Innovation (Mars, Spring)
This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices central to organizational innovation and leadership. Frameworks and methods for designing, developing, and implementing innovation within agricultural organizations and industrial settings and environments will be explored. The overarching goal of the course is to equip students with the perspective and skill base necessary to be leaders of innovation and change within agricultural organizations that extend across educational, public, governmental, and industrial settings and environments.

ALC422 - Communicating Knowledge in Ag and the Life Sciences (Mars, Fall/Spring)
Principles and processes of knowledge diffusion and methods of transferring appropriate technology to user/clientele groups. Communicating effectively within organizations.

Career and Technical Education Course Series

Available at both the undergraduate and graduate level, is offered online for the professional educator, or for the future professional educator in a Career and Technical Education setting. Courses offered partially satisfy requirements to change a Temporary Teaching Certificate to a Standard Certificate in CTE. A working professional educator may apply these courses for professional development as they apply to all CTE disciplines.
The Career and Technical Education series of courses is offered online for the current or future professional educator in a career and technical education setting. Courses can be taken for graduate or undergraduate credit and can serve as a pathway for alternative teaching certification in Arizona. Course topics include classroom management, curriculum development, student organization advisement, and much more!

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Breanna Watkins, Academic Advisor for all students with majors or minors in Agricultural Technology Management & Education.

Email: brej12@email.arizona.edu  |  Office: Saguaro Hall, room 206

Email to schedule an appointment.



Breanna Watkins, Academic Advisor for all students with majors or minors in Agricultural Technology Management & Education.

Email: brej12@email.arizona.edu  |  Office: Saguaro Hall, room 206

Email to schedule an appointment.