Morgan Berrigan

Morgan Berrigan headshot

Flowing Wells High School 

Supervising Practitioner: Ms. Caitlin Reynolds 


Why I Teach Agriculture

As an educator, my main goal is to spark a passion for learning inside every single one of my students. This passion is one that is not restricted to my classroom, but one I wish to extend to other classes, higher education courses, and everyday life. As an Agriculture teacher, I have the benefit of instructing an engaging and tactile course compared to the lecture style instruction of most core classes. I have the opportunity to reinforce concepts learned in those core classes through hands-on application in a way that builds confidence and understanding. By providing a learning experience that caters to the dynamic needs of the adolescent mind, my hope is that all of my students will discover the joy of learning and develop a passion for their own education. Once that self-realized passion has been recognized by a student, a whole cascade of personal development is bound to occur. Another added benefit of teaching agriculture is the opportunity to teach a student over the entire course of their high school experience. Being able to observe, encourage, and influence the personal growth of students over the course of four years could be nothing short of fulfilling. And after these four years, agriculture teachers are often able to see how their students are applying themselves beyond high school with the confidence, knowledge, and preparation they developed in their program.