Edward Franklin

Departmental Faculty

Associate Professor, Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation

Edward Franklin


Edward Franklin, Ph.D 2014 CV

Dr. Edward A. Franklin is an Associate Professor of Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation in the Department of Agricultural Education at the University of Arizona and serves as Coordinator of the Agriculture Technology Management (AGTM) Degree Option. Dr. Franklin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from California State University, Chico in 1984 and served as a Vocational Agriculture Instructor for 13 years.  After receiving a Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Education from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 1998, he received his Doctorate Degree in Agricultural Education from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Dr. Franklin joined the Department of Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation in July 2000.  As an Assistant Professor, he taught courses in Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation preparing undergraduates students for their student teaching experience, as well as research courses for graduate students. He assisted the Department in the offering of Agriculture Technology Management (AGTM) laboratory courses before assuming responsibility for instructing all AGTM laboratory courses in 2009. Dr. Franklin serves on the National Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems Career Development Event (CDE) Committee for the National FFA Organization, and coordinates the state Agriculture Mechanics CDE. 

Working with the UA Green Fund Committee, Dr. Franklin has been successful in securing multiple grants to develop sustainable practices and integrate renewable energy concepts into existing courses. Projects include installing rainwater harvesting collection systems, fabricating a biofuel demonstration trailer, adopting water conservation practices, constructing portable solar-powered water pumping demonstration systems, and securing a virtual welding simulator for hands-on training. 

Educational Background

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater                                         
Doctor of Philosophy, 2000
Major: Agricultural Education
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo                                                          
Master of Agricultural Education, 1998
Major: Agricultural Education
California State University, Chico                                              
Bachelor of Science, 1984
Major: Agriculture

Teaching Responsibilities
AGTM 100, Principles and Practices of Agricultural Mechanics

AGTM 200, Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems with Applications to Agriculture

AGTM 330, Turf and Landscape Technology

AGTM 350, Applications in Agricultural Mechanics

AGTM 351, Operations in Agricultural Mechanics

AED 460 / 560, Instructional Materials Development

AED 498, Agricultural Education, Student Teacher Supervision