Joshua Troub

Graduate Student

Teaching Assistant

Classes Taught

  • AED 496D: Teaching Science and Mathematics Through Inquiry
  • AED 293: Internship

“…the greatest doer must also be a great dreamer. Of course, if the dream is not followed by action, then it is a bubble; it has merely served to divert the man from doing something.” - Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Why teach agriculture? 

Quite frankly, I did not start college with the goal of being an Agricultural Educator; I wanted to be a Wildlife Manager with Arizona Game and Fish. On the other hand, as I completed my freshman year in college, I took a moment introspectively evaluate the tasks I had completed and the purpose behind them. The main reason that I had gone into the Natural Resources major at the University of Arizona was because I had placed first as an individual and as a team in the Wildlife Career Development Event in the FFA organization. While I enjoyed the competition and the success I had therein, I realized that what I enjoyed even more was the program behind my competition and my success. Indubitably, the Agricultural Education model and my teacher both played significant roles in molding me into the person I have become, and I believe the passion I have to teach will drive me to produce well rounded individuals to lead the agricultural industry to provide for the rapidly growing population. Furthermore, agriculture is the inherent basis of our society since it provides food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. Growing up in Buckeye, Arizona in the early 2000’s; agriculture has been a major part of who I am. Due to its importance in society and it being engrained in my person, I could not see myself teaching any other subject besides agriculture or its related entities.


What do you consider your content area specialty? 

I consider my content area specialty to be natural resources due to my experience with the Boy Scouts of America, in the Wildlife Career Development Event, in the Environmental and Natural Resources Career Development Event, in the Natural Resources Major, in volunteering with Game and Fish, with the Society for Range Management, and in my success at Natural Resource Conservation Workshop for Arizona Youth.