Veterinary Students' Use of Crib Sheets in Preparing for Learning and Reducing Stress


Catherine Vogelweid
Tracy Kitchel
Amber H. Rice

The purpose of this exploratory study was to determine actual and perceptional differences in utilizing crib sheets for a Virology course in veterinary sciences. The objectives guiding the study were to describe the exam scores of Virology course students, describe the differences amongst exam scores of Virology course students and to describe perceptions of the use of crib sheets for Virology exams by students. The researchers found exams allowing the use of a crib sheets had higher averages than exams that did not allow crib sheet use. Student perceptions of crib sheet use were that it helped them to reinforce, remember and retain course material. Students also indicated they would prefer to use the crib sheet on other exams in Virology and in additional courses. Finally, the stress levels reported by students were lower during exams that allowed them to use a crib sheet.

Vogelweid, C. M., Kitchel, T., & Rice, A. H. (2014). Veterinary students’ use of crib sheets inpreparing for learning and reducing stress. NACTA Journal, 58(2), 135-139.


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