Victoria Rackley

Victoria Rackley headshot

AAEC - Estrella Mountain 

Supervising Practitioner: Mr. Brody McGuire


Why I Teach Agriculture

My ultimate goal is to change the lives of people and I've chosen to do that through agriculture education. It takes one person to be a light in someone’s life. It takes one person to be a helping hand. It takes one person to change an unmotivated, broken life, and make it brand new. Teachers are those people. We motivate students to do their best, we guide students to success when no one else will, and we are always available to listen. One teacher can change the lives of thousands of students. That is my motivation. But agriculture is my passion. Just like students, it is a subject that will never stop teaching you and it's practical information that students can take with them on any journey they embark on. I know that after college, I will be a teacher, a guide, and a friend to so many students. I want be that person a student needs, but also spread knowledge of agriculture to everyone who sits in my classroom. It just takes one person and I'm ready for it!