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Agricultural Education, Technology, and Innovation

How do you feed nine billion people by 2050? How does technology play a role? How do rural communities play a part in global food sustainability? Who leads the solutions that set sustainable changes into motion? 

At the department of Agricultural Education, Technology, and Innovation, we guide students in honing their skills to fill the roles that create lasting, positive impact through innovation solutions, no matter the field. Through a variety of pathways and course offerings, students in our department and beyond become stewards of change by harnessing the power of technology, leadership, education, sustainability, innovation, and community.       

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Why AETI? 

Every day, business-owners, teachers, engineers, agriculturalists, and many other agents of change, face problems that demand fast-paced, innovative solutions. They rely on soft skills - such as leadership and communication - as much as they do their hard skills to get solutions into place that create the outcome they need for their team, business, or classroom to succeed. By approaching our pathways, from degrees to courses, with a holistic approach that interweaves how we perceive innovation, sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship, soft skills, and hard skills, our department equips students with the framework they need to excel in their careers and grow their communities. 


Dr. Mars teaching a group of students in the Innovation Collaboratory.

Stand Out Careers 

From hands-on coursework developing skills in plasma cutting, welding, irrigation, and solar energy, or educating young minds about agriculture, to becoming an effective leader, ambassador, or advocate at the local to international level, the Agricultural Technology, Management and Education major has a wide variety of pathways that fuel student success. With emphases in: 

Our pathways enable students to have careers in education, public policy, engineering, agricultural sciences, and so much more. 



Looking to meet the educational needs of the agricultural economy in Yuma County? View the Agricultural Systems Management major!

Minors and Certificates

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Expand Your Capabilities

Amplify your major's coursework with a minor or certificate that focuses on leadership. communication, teamwork, and engaging, hands-on projects. Through these options, you'll cultivate a diverse set of skills that utilize the entrepreneurial mindset to help you excel in your classes today and become a more competitive candidate to employers tomorrow. Explore our current (and upcoming) options that boost your capabilities without any prerequisite courses: 



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Courses and Course Series

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Hone Your Skills

Who creates solar powered energy? How do job seekers set themselves apart? What does it take to teach a classroom full of students? What does it mean to be innovative? How do you run a business or organization? At AETI, our courses fit a variety of needs and goals because they focus on the fundamentals that any future professional needs. Whether you're currently a student or already in the workforce, honing new skill or fine-tuning ones you already have is only a class away!



Course Series

Fulfill Major & Minor Requirements with AETI 

See how AETI courses hit the mark for your major or minor requirements with the help of our academic advisor, Breanna Watkins!


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