From Bread We Build Community: Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Co-creation of Local Food Businesses and Systems


Matthew M. Mars

This case study of a self-described community supported baker (CSB) in Southern Arizona explores entrepreneurial leadership as a model for promoting consumer co-creation of both local food businesses and food systems. The analytical focus of the case is the entrepreneurial strategy of the CSB to embed his customers in the creation of both his community supported business and the development of a more robust Southern Arizona local food system (LFS). Specifically, the CSB's business model positions customers not only as the purchasers of his product, but also as marketers of his breads, promoters of local grains, and champions of the Southern Arizona food movement. Data was collected through a series of individual interviews with the baker and other relevant informants, as well as through multiple instances of participant observation. The case illustrates the capacity of entrepreneurial leadership to serve as a model that promotes consumer co-creation of local food businesses and more cohesive and extensive LFSs. [Faculty]

Citation: Mars, M. M. (2015). From bread we build community: Entrepreneurial leadership and the co-creation of local food businesses and systems. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Advance online publication.

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