AGTM- Agricultural Technology Management

AGTM Lab Facilities at the Campus Ag Center

Agricultural Technology Management Option

The Agricultural Technology Management option prepares students for careers within the agricultural industry. The option has five focus areas including:

  • Greenhouse/Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • Field Crop Production and Management
  • Ornamental Landscaping/Horticulture Management
  • Animal Agriculture
  • Turf Grass Management

Students pursue a course of study that is multidisciplinary providing them with a strong foundation in agricultural sciences and natural resources. In addition to completing general education requirements, the option allows students to enroll in a breadth of coursework in technical agriculture areas such as agricultural mechanics, agricultural resources and economics, animal science, entomology, plant, and soil sciences. Students completing this option gain hands-on experience in developing skills in areas such as welding, plasma cutting, woodworking, electrical wiring, equipment operation, plumbing, irrigation, concrete, surveying, small gas engines, and solar energy technology. 
An emphasis on hands-on skill development drives the professional coursework that includes laboratory and shop safety, principles and practices in agricultural mechanics, applications in agricultural mechanics, operations in urban agricultural mechanization, irrigation and turf maintenance, communicating knowledge in agriculture, and technology management. Additionally, students have the flexibility to develop an area of specialization in one of many selected technical agriculture areas. 
Internships and Field Experience
Students enrich their professional and technical preparation by participating in one or more internship experiences and/or a defined field experience during their junior or senior year. Internships provide students an opportunity to link theory with practice and further serve as a temporary labor pool for those agencies that have committed to participate in the internship program. Internships in agriculture technology management focus on experiences in the field of choice of the student. Students gain valuable experience and training working with industry professionals. 
Selected Course Requirements
AGTM 100 Principles and Practices in Agricultural Mechanics
AGTM 330 Turf and Landscape Maintenance
AGTM 350 Applications in Agricultural Mechanics
AGTM 351 Operations in Agricultural Mechanization
ALC 493 Internship
And four courses from one of the following emphasis areas: 1) Turf Grass Management, 2) Ornamental landscape/ Horticulture Management, 3) Field Crop Production and Management, 4) Greenhouse/ Controlled Environment Agriculture, and 5) Animal Agriculture. 

AGTM Skill Areas and Competencies

AGTM 100 – Principles and Practices in Agricultural Mechanics

  1. Laboratory Management
  2. Laboratory Safety
  3. Tool Identification
  4. Computerized Plasma Arc Cutting
  5. Manual Plasma Arc Cutting
  6. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
  7. Oxy-fuel Cutting
  8. Oxy-fuel Welding
  9. Painting - Aerosol Cans
  10. Shielded Metal Arc (Stick) Welding
  11. Staining
  12. Project Construction
  13. Bill of Materials

AGTM 200 – Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems with Applications to Agriculture

  1. Laboratory Management
  2. Laboratory Safety
  3. Movement of Sun
  4. Solar Energy Tool Identification
  5. Types of Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  6. Solar Photovoltaic System Components
  7. Site Assessment
  8. Direct-Connect Systems
  9. Grid-Connect Systems
  10. Stand-Alone Systems
  11. Measuring Energy Output
  12. Calculating System Capacity
  13. Performance Assessment and System Variables

AGTM 330 – Turf and Landscape Maintenance

  1. Laboratory Management
  2. Laboratory Safety
  3. Fluid Hydraulics
  4. Plumbing
  5. Concrete & Masonry
  6. Irrigation Methods
  7. Rainwater Harvesting Applications
  8. Well Pumping Fundamentals
  9. Two-Stroke Engine Operation & Maintenance
  10. Turf Equipment Operating & Maintenance

AGTM 350 – Applications in Agricultural Mechanics

  1. Laboratory Management
  2. Laboratory Safety
  3. Small Gas Engine Operation
  4. Small Gas Engine Disassembly & Reassembly
  5. Direct Current Electricity
  6. Alternating Current Electricity & Wiring
  7. Legal Land Description
  8. Differential Leveling
  9. Profile Leveling
  10. Contour Leveling
  11. Laser Leveling


AGTM 351 – Operations in Agricultural Mechanization

  1. Laboratory Management
  2. Laboratory Safety
  3. Four-Stroke Engine Fundamentals
  4. Two-Stroke Engine Fundamentals
  5. Power Equipment Maintenance
  6. Power Equipment Operation


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